Corporate Social Responsibility, Our New Focus in 2022

Grand Rapids, Michigan - CEO, Cara Westbrook is putting corporate social responsibility at the top of her priorities list in 2022.

"We have accomplished so much in our years of operation. What I think should be done now is evaluate our community and see where we can help"

This past year has been challenging for many small businesses, including us. We have prevailed stronger than ever before and ready to take on more. We even hired six new employee's.

Westbrook met with her senior managing partners the other day. One of the questions she asked was, "How can we be better servants?" Three words remained on the board, corporate social responsibility.

"This will be something new to the Embresi Group. However, it isn't new territory entirely." Embresi Group just hired a brand new face. "We will be formerly announcing the arrival of this person in short time.", says Westbrook.

A space will be getting setup on our website over the next several months. This space will serve up all things community. Viewers will be able to see progress status, interact with us and even get involved. This is a tremendous step in the right direction for the company and cannot be happier to apart of it.

Written by Sean Cisneros / Public Relations Specialist @ Embresi Group

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