How we started our F&M Operations team in the height of a global pandemic.

Dealing with situations of complex thought and creativity is familiar territory for us. Launching marketing campaigns, producing concerts and festivals, and starting a small business successfully operating and growing with fortune 500 companies is no small task.

In 2020, our industry and the world was hit hard by COVID-19. Operations virtually came to a standstill. Forced to look at our past, present, and future we knew we had to make some immediate changes. Chill, it wasn't all negative!

Our Vice President of Production, Nick Postma met with production staff and brainstormed for over a week. Realizing that instead of outsourcing our facility maintenance needs at several client venues, our production staff were skilled craftsmen, and can easily accomplish the punch lists.

Cody Lieberman, Partner & Chief Operations officer, approved of this venture almost immediately upon talking with Nick. Cody toys with venture capital with a Michigan based landscape company. He understood the cost savings, ROI, employee retainment, and most of all ethical value by offering F&M to the companies client base.

We quickly partnered with Troy Joost, President of Black Lake Landscaping and were able to provide financial comfort for all 12+ employees within our production team. This was a breath of fresh air.

Production was hit the hardest by COVID. Not being able to activate concerts or festivals meant those individuals jobs were directly threatened if something wasn't done quickly.

We celebrated, we grew, we invested. This new business venture was born all because we listened and put our employees first.

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