2008, July, The founding met in a small coffee shop on Miami Beach. Everybody was in town for work. An industry discussion began because relaxing is not in our genes.


We jointly determined that a more streamlined under-one roof more unified business was needed to serve our teams, clients, and prospects

2008, October, Cody and Jorge both woke Cara and Erik at 3am and to read the final draft of the business plan. We all determined we were ready to leap. 

2008, November, The partners met again, in a bigger coffee shop but now in Nashville. Many discussions occurred and the final business plan was reviewed and agreed on.


We met with the attorney and proceeded with the legitimization and formation of our partnership.

2009, July, We grew with (6) long term clients. We had to hire more people, Why??? Well, we ran out of hands. It was suggested we needed a forever space so we can dream bigger. Well, we set out and leased one.


Our company mentor made so much sense that he was talked into being our interim CEO. It wasn't hard to get him to agreee, because well, we made him fall in love with us. We Love and Miss you Thomas!

2012, March, We were still sailing! Collaborating with new clients was the new norm. We continued welcoming and meeting new worrior's

2012, December, A round table end-of-year meeting was conducted. We reviewed objectives and our next year operating plan. 

We decided to pass on a few hats. The partners (Cara, Cody, Jorge and Erik) officially filled the senior management positions of then "Embrace Event Group".

2020, January, In the past 8 years we had built awesome relationships with companies, organizations, and artists of all sizes and success levels. 

We saw our staff grow too. Some stayed, some took personal career leaps. All was positive.


Personal growth was booming as well! Weddings, babies, and all of life's amazing milestones. 

We were blessed to have a power roster of 6 long-term fortune 500 businesses that supported our business, passions, and personal with continual long-term contracts. We are so grateful to be paid to have fun. 

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