At our core, we have an extensive concert, festival, event, and touring experience. Most of our staff have held management and producer roles within these arenas with us or throughout their career.

We produce over 30 activations a year promoting local live music, regionally known concerts, and even a handful of national-level activations. We could not do this without the team of dedicated professionals we employ.

Taking our time to identify with our prospects and clients is something we take pride in. We get to know you and your organization. If we mix well then we can shake on a partnership and start building something beautiful.


Below we have laid out some key skillsets that we provide to our clients.


Image by Yannis Papanastasopoulos

Concerts Festivals, Events

  • Planning & Strategy

  • Operational Management

  • Corporate Event Planning

  • Logistics Management

Talent Acquisition

  • Purchasing

  • Booking

  • Scouting


  • Crowd & Risk Management

  • New Venue Consultation

  • Tour Consultation

  • Market Research