Cody Lieberman

Partner, Entertainment

Executive Assistant: Erica Obrien

Cody Lieberman | Chief Operations Officer | Embresi Group


Open Air Concert
Indoor Concert
Music Festival
Festival Director
Event Specialist
Project Management
Crowd Management
Risk Management
Event Production
Work Availability
Specific Areas of Focus

I have started doing some light freelance work during the COVID 19 Pandemic. I am focusing on specific areas which I have listed to the right.

  • Sponsorship Development

  • Talent Buying

  • Creative Projects

  • Artist Development

  • Concert Production

  • Mentorship

His passion and experience come from 20+ years’ operating within corporate events, production of open-air music festivals, and national music tours. Cody has represented and worked with small to large organizations in producing some of the best live productions EDM and the Country music festival scene has had in recent years.

Cody is one of four Co-Founders and the current sitting Chief Operations Officer of Embresi Group, an entertainment and creative agency based in the US, with several other small satellite offices throughout the US.

About me

With a solid reputation with corporate and entertainment clients he serves up his depth of knowledge, forecasting, and mentorship. He has a track record of successfully leading local, regional, national, and global clients with their crowd management practices, sponsorship development, and live operating strategies.

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